Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day Twelve (23 Nov)

Today Ben Stevens posted his film - with words by Liz - on Facebook.  It's inspiring...

This is a transcript of the words...
I really think we're coming to the end of what I term an old paradigm. And it's a paradigm that's been built on deep seated materialism, and cause and effect. the idea that everything is determined - as it were - and there was very little room for the play of free will.  I think that paradigm is dying, I believe it is in its death throes. It's coming to an end, and it underlines a feeling in people that's something's got to give.

Our quality of life, and the values we've held - for far too long - which are about materialism, about profit and about structures which are based on the reverence of material things, instead of the human spirit which is precisely what put those material things in position.  And that we have been put into secondary place in our own society.  We're now serving the structure.  It seems to me to be insane.  We're now serving ancient long running structures which do not serve our evolutionary growth at all.

And I think that what is happening now is that people are beginning to feel that deeply inside themselves.  It's not just about being robbed by the banks - that's just the episurface of it.  But it's about this idea that in my life, this isn't, I'm sure, what I'm meant to be here for.  I'm not expressing my true potential.

We need to start creating the structures, which I think are structures in the mind dimension, which entail our own consciousness.  These are the things that need to be built, not the cathedrals of the past, but the cathedrals of our thought. The new cathedrals of the great elsewhere.


  1. Hi Liz,
    I'd be interested to know if in the context of your speech 'materialism' means consumerism or are you suggesting a rejection of materialism more generally as in physical/scientific materialism and political dialectic materialism? My concern is that many people (such as myself) who are not religious or spiritual might feel completely out of the loop if the occupation movement adopts a rejection of materialism generally. For without materialism there is only faith and the movement is suppoised to be open to those with none as well as those who believe.
    best wishes,
    Nick Nakorn

  2. Obviously, I can't speak for Liz herself, but I think that the focus of her speech is on the materialism that is based around the "monetisation" of everything. Everything can be bought or sold. A little bit more than just "consumerism".

    I don't think that this is a specific rejection of "philosophic materialism" per se.

    However, with the journey that we are both on, I think it's hard not to be guided on by some spiritual drive within us.
    You are an atheist, Nick, (which I respect) but I suggest that you have some spiritual essence within you that guides you in a certain directions.
    (Maurice Spurway)