Who Supports Occupy?

"My name is Maurice Spurway.  I'm a software consultant.  I am inspired that people can come together across the globe in a common cause to fight against corporate greed, and join the struggle for a fairer world.  I believe we are sowing the seeds for a civilisation that - in the long term - finally realises that the aimless pursuit of wealth is a pointless self-destructive activity."

"My name is Alex Kumar, and I'm a college student in East Devon. I support the Occupy Movement because I believe that it is only through joining together as a community that we will rid ourselves of corporate greed and create a ...fairer society. Change must come from the bottom up, and if we, the public, can organise ourselves, no government will be able to stand in our way. You can read more about my beliefs and contact me directly at www.socialistindistress.blogspot.com"

"My name is Kate Wilson, I'm an aspiring poet and I work for a literature development charity. I support the Occupy Movement because my eyes have been opened to the need for change. With so many Occupy demonstrations occurring around the world it is time for Exeter to stand with these people and make their presence known. I still remain cynical about the extent to which we will make a difference, but we have to be heard."