Thursday, December 8, 2011

After a long hiatus...

OE's blog is back!

In the last month we've had political detractors, anti-socal behaviour on-site, lighting shortages and severe gazebo damage by the wind.

But despite those difficulties the camp is still surviving! Plenty of food to go around (culminating in a generous donation of several boxes of apple pies, several bags of pasties, and a lovely vegetable curry), morale's staying high and we're enjoying the warmth of a large army tent that's recently been set up at the camp. Not to mention our new composting portoloo with a very apt 'Occupied' sign on the front.

We carried out our very first Direct Action, took part in the N30 strike in solidarity with the unions and those suffering under the ongoing draconian Osbornian cuts. We've had a variety of academics from the university come in to give talks (and plenty more in the woodwork!) and lots of workshops and fun events for the public.

With the offer of free food, refreshingly outside-the-box thinkers to debate with, and fun weekend events, what are you waiting for? Come down and visit!

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