Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rowan Williams

According to the ever-reliable Daily Mail, AoC Rowan Williams is on our side!

OE were quite enthusiastic to hear about this a few days ago, especially as it's led to our neighbours inside the Cathedral taking a more conciliatory stance towards us. When your boss tells you that the centrepoint of your faith would be out camping, sharing risks and asking awkward questions (i.e. in the spirit of the whole occupy movement), that changes a fair bit as far as Occupy Exeter's negotiations with the cathedral are concerned. Spirits were high when we heard the report back from the most recent negotiations and we're more determined than ever to move forward and push for radical overhaul of our socio-economic and political system.

Well Archbishop, you and any clergyman, woman and everyone in between are welcome to take part in Occupation to any degree from more statements of support to camping out with us.

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