Monday, November 14, 2011

Day Three

A message of support from Occupy London

Congratulations Exeter for sowing the first seeds of your occupation. I hope you grow from strength to strength.
You WILL come across the racists; the cynics; the right wing bigots...
You WILL be called many names, riffraff; unemployed scum; layabouts; hippies...
You WILL be questioned; photographed; filmed; and followed....(always look over your shoulder, never presume the person standing next to you is a friend)
You are doing are showing the world that the 99% care for all the world's people.
They want a decent education for All children.
They want a Health Service ALL families.
They think that EVERYONE has a right to a roof over their head.
They KNOW that there is enough resources in this world to make sure that EVERYONE has enough food and water.
That every man, woman and child in this world is equal, with race, colour and creed an irrelevancy.
The 99% will NOT tolerate the fact that while we watch the bankers speculate and grow, and ruin our planet, the 99% have to suffer cuts.
Stay calm. Stay cool. Learn and grow as a community. Education is your strength...we support you.
The occupy movement enfolds all.
(and.. just to state a point...I am an employed Gran of 67...and spend all my free time at Occupy London!!

Carolyn Wallace

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